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Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
abell is - here with the redictions, jeff.... 3 with one vvte, hundreds of un-documenteddstudents in maryland, will ooonbe awarded in-ssate tuition rates which marrlands documented students. last niggt, proponents cheered theepassage of strengthen both the studenns of maryland and the state of maryland.. already 13-other states offer tuition breaks for un-docuuented students. anddbased oo tteir experience, opponentt say the floodggtes will soonnbe open foo othee undocumenttd students to movv into maryland. 3p (19:25:02) ""y passing this marylanddinsures that there wiil e a ot more be a lot mooe poor eople in the state. there will be more workers coopeting for scarce jobs....." 3 to qualify for the dream act, students must prooe that ttee've attended a maryland &phigh school for three have paid taxes. jeff abell, fox 45, news at fivv. five. 3- it's no urprise maryland obama last night in his bid forrreeelection.ii act, our stateegave him one of the &pwidest margins of victory.but that's not all..... all.....our stateealso re- elected democrat
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
. ((vo)) ake a looo.... at captured. among un- men walk up toothis gass station in northwest baltimore. what they walk away with.... is a substance thattdde-a deadly and illegal. thh ootsidd of the package akes the produut appear harmlesss... the label reads scooby snaxx 3:50 theyyre just putting a stamp onnit just to tell people hey thii is nnt for human consumptioo but wink tonight at tenn,what the ana. maaager haddto say when we returned to that gas statiin and started asking questiooss aaso, how the d-e-a plans to handle these cases. joy lepola creww are making ppogress on rrpairing an old water main in downtown baltimore. bbltimooe. thh 60-inch main ruptured last week at charles and ast 20-th nearby streets and forced wn several busineeses to close. crews re now preearing to reeove a section of the 90-year-old pipe... which will has reopeeed a few blocc of - charles stteet, but it remains closed at north worr on when repairsswilllfinished. a... nnw... reeoot... shows... baltimore residents... aae... only as healthy... as thhii neighborhoods
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2